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Marsden’s Shoes 70th Anniversary Sale

Welcome to Marsden’s Shoes. This year marks our 70th year in business and we are honoring the occasion with some great anniversary sale offers  in our largest ever End of Season Sale on fine quality shoes and sandals.

Style and Comfort at Marsden's Shoes

DESIGNER SHOES FROM AROUND THE WORLD in stock at Marsden’s  – the shoe store that’s been “The Sole of Uptown Whittier” since 1947.

At Marsden’s Shoes we shop Marsden's shoe brandsthe world for the latest in shoe styles and brands that look great and fit well. 

The Marsden’s Collection features more than thirty shoe brands from Austria, Canada, Germany, Great Britain, Israel, Italy, New Zealand, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland and the United States, plus the Baggallini line of handbags and travel bags. birkenstock

Marsden’s Featured Footwear Gallery is here and our men’s boots & shoes section is here.  A recent addition to Marsden’s orthotics product lineup that’s winning high praise from our customers is the Cadence Insoles premium line of prefabricated orthotics.

See the full Marsden’s Collection of shoe brands & enjoy our Shoe Tube.

Marsden’s also provides a top quality shoe repair service and we can fit your feet with custom shoes made by our in-house artisan shoemaker.

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A  Perfect Fit with every pair of shoes you buy at Marsden’s is achieved through our team of experienced shoe fitters and certified pedorthists. Visit our Pedorthics website for custom orthotics, custom-made footwear and prescription footwear for diabetics. Use the Marsden’s Learning Center as a resource in knowing about foot problems and the footwear solutions that will help you achieve both top performance and comfort at work and play.