Shoe Repairs

custom made shoesmarsden's shoe repairsBelow you will find a few of Marsden’s shoe repair services. These are just general repairs. If you have a specific repair or a modification issue not listed below please contact us at (562) 698-7281 and we will attempt to provide a solution and price estimate.

Josif Bereczki, Master Cobbler at Marsden’s Shoe Repair ShopDescriptions of Shoe Repair Services:

Ladies Shoes

  • Ladies Heel: the rubber, composition, leather, or some other material that is the thin layer that touches the ground and goes on top of the heel.
  • 1/2 Soles are made of leather or rubber and are usually replacements from the original bottom of a ladies shoe. The bottom portion goes from the shank of the shoe to the toe and the back portion of the sole that extends to the heel is not included.
  • Full Soles & Heels – Leather: the replacement of the entire bottom (including the heels) with a leather material.
  • Recover Heels: ladies heels often become damaged. Recovering a heel involves removing all old material and replacing with a new cover made of leather, patent leather, fabric, or some other material.
  • Toes Pieces: Rather than having to replace the entire sole, a small portion of the front of the sole is replaced with the same material as the original sole.
  • Metal Toe Dot: A small metal “dot” placed on the end of the toe, extending the life of the sole there.  The metal toe dot is not visible from the top of the shoe.

Men’s  Shoesmen's shoe repairs

  • Rubber Heels come in various sizes and shapes.  Longer lasting and less expensive than combination or leather heels.  We often recommend rubber.
  • Leather Heel Is a top lift that is all leather.
  • Combination Heel is a top-lift that is made of leather in combination with a rubber back. The rubber on the back of the heel provides better traction and wear.
  • Heel Pad: Replacing the leather pad that covers 1/3 – 3/4 of the insole.
  • Reline Backs: Covering the inside of the heal counter with new leather.
  • 1/2 Sole – Leather: The half sole extends from the shank of the shoe through the toe and replaces the entire bottom that touches the ground on the shoe.
  • 1/2 Sole & Heel: Replacing the 1/2 sole and heel at the same time.
  • Full Soles & Heels:  Full soles or heels replace the entire bottom of a person’s shoe or boot.
  • Full Soles – Casual: The replacement of the entire bottom of a sports shoe with a soft flexible material usually of some rubber or composition variety.

repairing shoeOther Services

  • Western Boot’s Heel: the rubber or leather heel portion on the bottom of a western boot.
  • Western Boot’s 1/2 Soles – Leather or Rubber: The half sole extends from the shank of the shoe through the toe and replaces the entire shoe bottom that touches the ground.
  • Misc. Leather Work
  • Eyelet: This is the metal lined hole that shoelaces are put through but can also need replacement on handbags or luggage.
  • Minor Stitching: Marsden’s repair shop has heavy-duty sewing machines that can put together almost any rip or tear.
  • New Tassels: tassels are often seen on men and women’s loafers and golf shoes. Tassels have a terrible habit of falling off and can be replaced by us.
  • Plastic / Metal Plates:  Plastic or metal plates are installed on heels and / or toes to extend life.    Warning! Metal plates can become sharp and cut floors.
  • Shoe Shines: Marsden’s top quality shining of your shoes or boots not only provides better appearance but also gives the leather surface longer life.
  • Stretching Shoes and Boots: shoes and boots can often be stretched as much as a full size in width. While stretching is most effective with leather footwear, stretching shoes and boots made of other materials such as imitation leather, plastic, or cloth can provide some relief from problems such as bunions.Josif Bereczki Master Cobbler, Therapeutic Footwear Expert